Proper Vehicle Storage For Your Exotic or Collectible Car

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You buy or lease an exotic car or luxury vehicle to enjoy the thrill of the drive, or course. There’s nothing like cruising around Chicago or Palm Beach in a sleek Lamborghini Gallardo or a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. But when you’re not out enjoying the open road, it’s important to have proper vehicle storage for your exotic and luxury classic cars.

Exotic and Luxury Vehicle Storage Tips

  • Security: Your exotic car is very valuable, so one of the most important aspects of proper vehicle storage is security. Whether you store your vehicle at home in New York or at a luxury-car storage location, there should be cameras pointed on the garage and motion sensor lights. You also want to make sure that all doors and/or windows are locked in your vehicle storage area, and you might want to install a security system.
  • Closed Shelter: It’s important to protect your luxury or exotic car from the elements. The summer heat and winter cold affect vehicles differently, so it’s important that yours is stored in an enclosed shelter that’s safe from the weather.
  • Climate Control: As we mentioned, heat and cold can affect your collectible or exotic vehicle, such as the tires and engine seals, so climate control is a must. A heater, air conditioner, and dehumidifier work to maintain and controlled temperature and environment.
  • Exterior Protection: Your secure, enclosed shelter will protect your vehicle, but you can take it one step further to protect the exterior. After taking a drive around Dallas, you should wash and wax your car to protect it’s paint and keep it shiny. When you put it into storage, we recommend placing a fabric cover over your vehicle to prevent rust and paint chips. Some other important techniques include: over-inflating your tires to avoid hard spots, parking the car on plastic sheets to avoid long term contact cement (which can suck moisture out from the rubber), using a proper fuel stabilizer for cold weather/extended storage to help maintain the fuel, plugging the exhaust pipes with newspaper to keep rodents from nesting there, and placing socks with moth balls in them outside the car to help ward off rodents and pests.
  • Battery Tender: Since your exotic or collectible car won’t be your daily driver, it’s a good idea to have a battery tender. Without being driven on a regular basis, your car’s battery is susceptible to damaging trickle chargers. The battery tender, which easily plugs into an AC outlet, will help keep the battery at optimal storage voltage so it works like new the next time you go for a drive. For vehicles that sit in storage for months at a time, this tool is essential.
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Store Your Exotic Vehicle from Marshall Goldman Motor Sales Safely and Securely

Now that you know how to properly store your collectible, exotic, or luxury vehicle, explore our inventory online, then visit our showroom in Cleveland to take some of these classic beauties out for a test drive. If you find an exotic or luxury vehicle you like, our Nationwide Delivery service ensures you can get your dream car even if you’re away from our dealership in Dallas, New York, Palm Beach, or anywhere in between. Contact us with any questions about our available vehicles or proper vehicle storage.

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