What Makes Porsche Special?

November 20th, 2018 by

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Porsche has a long standing reputation in the automotive world. This reputation has been garnered through a strong dedication to Porsche tradition, combined with a drive for innovation, performance, and impeccable design. Now, in 2018, as Porsche celebrates its 70th anniversary, we thought it was the perfect time to reflect on exactly what sets Porsche apart. Let’s take a closer look at what Porsche does that makes their vehicles so unique and their owners so adamant about their quality.

Design: Where Form Follows Function

A Porsche is one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road. Whether it’s the flagship Porsche 911 or the sleek and powerful Panamera, you know a Porsche when you see one. From every angle, Porsche vehicles catch your eye. Over time, the designers at Porsche have developed, refined, and perfected this unique design which is reflected in such defining features as:

  • The swooping roofline that gives Porsche the sharp, aerodynamic look
  • Broad shoulders and contours that help accentuate the wheels
  • An aggressive air inlet in the front, rather than a radiator grille
  • Forward thinking technology that seamlessly integrates into the design

Porsche vehicles are taken through rigorous testing on and off the track and in the wind tunnel. Form following function is an integral part of the Porsche philosophy. Only when the advanced mechanical technologies blend perfectly with the desired form of the vehicle does the trademark Porsche design show itself. It’s not just the design that sets Porsche apart, however. It has just as much to do with the performance, drivability, and adaptability.

A Daily Driver With the Heart of a Race Car

Each and every Porsche is designed to perform like a sports car. Tested on the racetrack, you’ll feel the optimal performance and power on the streets. Porsche vehicles are incredibly responsive and offer superior handling. This can be attributed directly to the race car heritage that exists in each one. From track to street, you can expect to find fantastic performance and drivability thanks to features like:

  • Advanced supercharged engines that offer higher torque and power, better fuel economy, and even reduced emissions costs
  • The Porsche Composite Ceramic Brakes grant massive weight reduction when compared to iron discs as well as high temperature capabilities. These internally ventilated brakes offer superior protection against corrosion and dust build-up, help extend maintenance intervals, and are recognized by their signature yellow calipers
  • Driving mode selection allows the driver to choose the perfect driving mode for them. Choose between up to six driving modes, including Hybrid mode for a more efficient and contained ride, or Sport Plus mode to unleash the fury of the supercharged Porsche engine
  • For a lighter and more nimble drive, Porsche vehicles have select parts built from carbon fiber reinforced polymers. This saves on overall vehicle weight while also allowing the vehicle to have more control when cornering

Because every Porsche is a race car at its heart, you can feel the excellent handling and performance when you drive one. Whether you’re taking a corner at high speeds or just out on the open highway, Porsche vehicles feel and move like nothing else. No matter which model you choose, from the legendary Porsche 911 to their family friendly SUVs, you’ll experience a brand that performs.

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